Date: 29th – 31st October 2021
Place: Slovenský dom v Prahe, Soukenická 3, 110 00, Praha 1

Applications until 10th of June 2021
Price for active participants: 120 € without VAT, 145,2 with VAT
Price for passive participants: 30 € without VAT, 36,3 with VAT

Payment is possible only by bank transfer


The number of active participants is limited
The number of passive participants is not limited
For active participants, 3 lessons of 45 minutes are included
The most successful participant of the course will play with the Prague Chamber Orchestra
For more information contact us at

If the masterclass is cancelled due to the COVID-19 circumstances or by initiative of organizers (PKO Agency), the full refund is due to be paid within 14 days of cancellation in these circumstances.

Vilém Veverka is one of the Czech Republic’s most respected interpreters. A graduate of the Prague Conservatory and Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts, he also attended a number of courses by French oboist Jean-Louis Capezzali. His involvement in the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra was a key spur to his artistic development, as were his subsequent studies under leading German oboist Dominik Wollenweber at Berlin’s Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler.
A two-year stint with the Berlin Philharmonic greatly benefitted his professional development. His journey culminated with triumph in one of the most prestigious oboe competitions, the Sony Music Foundation (Tokyo, 2003).
His repertoire includes pieces in all styles, from Baroque to contemporary.
In September 2015 he brought out his third solo album on Suprahon, of concertos by Bach, Vivaldi and Telemann, which he recorded exclusively with Ensemble 18+.

Accompaniment of Jiří Bárta will be Petr Novák

Course leader: Veronika Telnarová

Contact and info: